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the penticton lakeside community

Penticton is a charming blend of youth, art, community and culture. The gorgeous community is highly walkable,
but with a metropolitan approach to life. Everything you can get in the big city, you can get in Penticton.
It’s easy to make connections; just walk the boardwalk that borders the lake’s shoreline or sit down for a steaming cup of coffee.

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In a world where green space has become a luxury, Penticton has it all. You’ll always have space on the sand because Penticton has two lakes; not only the famed Okanagan, but Skaha Lake, too. Kayak in the ceaseless waves or take a paddle boarding lesson. Penticton is a green oasis, graced by the presence of cottonwoods, elms, poplars, oaks, weeping willows, maples and even sycamore trees.
Visit the Japanese Garden and stare at all the beautiful vineyards, shimmering under the dappled sun all day.

15 minute walk

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15 minute Drive

Poplar Grove Winery: TheOkanagan boasts more than 300 wineries, and Penticton serves as a haven for the best of the best. Catch a ride to the beautiful Poplar Grove Winery and sip its a ward-winning wines in person.

15 minute Drive

Area 27 Motorsports Park: A hidden gem, Area 27 Motorsports Park offers an exclusive membership club for those who’d like to use its 4.83km world-class circuit. Want to watch from the sidelines? Anticipate an adrenaline rush.

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